If you happen to find yourself in Florence on August 10th, then you may be surprised to know that you can find a free dinner of pasta followed by watermelon in the San Lorenzo square!

This day, Florentines celebrate the Feast of San Lorenzo, the co-patron of the city.  It is one of the most traditional festivities that takes place in Florence during the month of August where everyone is invited to celebrate in the piazza of San Lorenzo.  Free pasta (traditionally lasagne but this year the menu is showing ‘penne pomodoro’) will be offered to all, followed by watermelon with yogurt and or cream.

This community festival, thanks to the operators of the central market and local street vendors will start at 8:00pm with a traditional band concert organized by Don Marco Viola, parish priest of San Lorenzo and will then be followed at 9:00pm with the distribution of the pasta and watermelon.

This night is also quite special for another reason.  Don’t be surprised to see people looking towards the sky as this is the night when you will most probably see a falling star or two if you are lucky!  Let’s hope that the sky is clear so we can all make our wish on a falling star.


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Florence is known as the city of art and it’s easy to understand why.  With its many galleries filled with masterpieces created by the usual suspects of famous artists, you may think that this is the only way to see art in this town.

Palazzo San Niccolò has once again shown how it’s spaces provide the perfect exhibition space and backdrop for any medium whether sculptures, paintings or ceramics and jewellery.   And at the moment we are honoured to be exhibiting, together with The Cultural Salon a stunning show by world-renowned artist Robert Farber

‘Farber’s sensitive portrayal of the female form has resulted in 25 years of continued commissions to help in the awareness of Breast Cancer’.  Farber’s fine-art photographs have been published in virtually every form and he has exhibited in galleries and museums world-wide.  Aside from his fine art photography, Robert Farber’s work encompasses major campaigns for fashion, beauty and advertising, as well as directing for TV and film.

The exhibition can be viewed at Palazzo San Niccolò until the 9th of July.

Palazzo San Niccolò offers various solutions depending on how large your exhibition is.  We can also cater to a fabulous outdoor show for the Summer months as you can see by the beautiful images below.



Contact Elena to make enquiries regarding your next event or exhibition :


This past week Pitti Uomo 94 took place in Florence. Pitti Uomo is one of the world’s most important platforms for menswear and men’s shoes, and for launching new projects in men’s fashion. In honor of Pitti, Dr. Marten’s has chosen Palazzo San Niccolò to host their #WornDifferent Pitti Party showcasing some exclusive selections from their upcoming Autumn/Winter 2018 collection! The event included live tattooing and custom drawings on Dr. Marten’s shoes. Guests were able to have their own pair of Dr. Marten’s tattooed or have custom drawing done. Overall the event was a huge success bringing together many of the industry’s top bloggers/influencers and journalists. 


On June 24, Florence will celebrate St. John the baptist with a feast day that includes different cultural events throughout the day. The whole city is apart of the celebration and you will be able to see Florence come alive with traditions that display their ancestral history. In ancient times, noble lords and ladies would donate candles to the churches as a way to celebrate St. John. This tradition of receiving candles still continues today. The Archbishop of Florence will accept the offering of candles and everyone will follow him into the cathedral for mass at 10:30am. This date also marks the opening date of the San Niccolò tower, which is only opened to the public for the summer months.

The final match for Calcio Storico Fiorentino is held during this celebration. The match will be between two teams from historical neighborhoods of Florence and will begin after the parade at 5:00pm. The historical parade will begin in Piazza Santa Maria Novella and make its way toward Piazza Santa Croce at 4:00pm. After a day of festivities, the people of Florence will gather around the arno river and various places in the city. The last event to celebrate St. John are fireworks which are launched from Piazzale Michelangelo. This national holiday is full of fun activites and historical traditions which can allow the soul of Florence to shine through.


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The San Miniato basilica is turning 1,000 years old, so the city of Florence is ready to celebrate with 50 plus events scheduled over the course of 2018. The celebrations began on April 27 to
commemorate the date of when the remain of martyr Miniato were recovered and placed on the altar by bishop Ildebrando. There are many different events that are scheduled in order to celebrate the basilica. There will be an inauguration of three wooden doors and the ciborium, which were recently restored for this special occasion. The calendar of events also has concerts and varying activities scheduled.

The Millennium Sunset Prayer Concert will be held on June 21 with a musical debut by young composer Ian Cecil Scott. There is day-long Piazza San Miniato festival on June 23. This will include tastings, workshops about medieval times, street performances and mass. There is an international conference about the basilica’s history on September 13 and 14. A focus on the development of liturgical chants, titled “Haec est porta coeli, canti per mille anni”, involving Florence’s international peoples, will be held from April 3 to 7. This monumental occasion is being celebrated in a very big way. These events can be a great way to learn about the history of Florence and the people who call the city home.


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June is an exciting time to find yourself in the city of Florence. Book your apartment in Florence!

The rich history and culture is found through a 16th century sport, Calcio Storico Fiorentino, which is a combination of soccer, rugby, and wrestling. All of the matches are held at Piazza Santa Croce. This square has been the location of all of the matches of Calcio Storico. The square is covered in dirt as a way to “recreate” the setting from years past. There are four teams from the historical neighborhoods of Florence who play each other in two playoffs and then the winners play in the final match. The playoffs are played over the weekend of June 10 and 11. The first match will be on June 10th, where the “greens” of San Giovanni will challenge the “reds” of Santa Maria Novella at 5pm. On June 11th, the “whites” of Santo Spirito will go against the “blues” of Santa Croce at 5pm.

The final match is held on June 24, which is patron saint’s feast day for St. John the Baptist. This day is full of celebration for the people of Florence and the spectators of the match. There is a parade for all of the players of Calcio Storico that begins at Piazza Santa Maria Novella and travels through florence towards Piazza Santa Croce. The parade starts around 4pm and will lead to the final match which begins at 5pm. The day of festivities ends with a night of fireworks which are launched from Piazzale Michelangelo. Tickets for all matches will go on sale June 7 online from Boxoffice Toscana and the cost varies from year to year.


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Imagine riding around Florence or admiring the vineyards from the comfort of a vintage side-car!  Our newest exerience offers one of the most unique ways to admire the Renaissance city and take in the Tuscan country-side. Jump in the comfortable side-car and let our friendly bikers take you safely  around Florence and the Chianti hill-tops. Choose from a breakfast tour through the city,  a wine tour and Tuscan lunch or perhaps you prefer the sunset ride which offers an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

Contact our friendly staff and we will be happy to take care of all the details.  You just need to bring your sense of adventure!


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Art can be found in every corner of Florence, and today that corner was the courtyard of Palazzo San Niccolò. A group of aspiring artists gathered outside where they created uniquely different works of art of the scenery around them. They all spread out over the courtyard depending on their own individual style and preferences letting their creativity flow onto the canvases before them. This group of 10 strang ers have traveled from all over in order to learn from an impressionist artist, Marla Baggetta, who is the featured artist for this Florence excursion. Debra Zamperla and her husband Ivan are the owners and coordinators of Artensity, which was created in order to host art workshops in the beautiful city of Florence. They have been bringing groups of artist to Florence since 2013. Over the years the program has grown and adapted by including more activities for the participants of the workshops. All of the students have different experiences when it comes to art. Some have studied art for their entire life, while others have just seen art as one of their hobbies. They all come from different backgrounds and had different stories to share. An orthodontist from Florida, decided to come in order to pursue her passion for art that she has never had time for, while an architect from Charlotte, NC., has been taking art workshops for years. The group is staying at Palazzo San Niccolò in Florence for 8 days and each day has been planned and organized by Debra and her husband.

One of their days was devoted entirely to the beautiful courtyard of Palazzo San Niccolò. They began the workshop by watching Marla Baggetta demo a painting of a corner of the courtyard using pastels. Marla and Debra have been working together for over a decade and have been to Florence together for workshops many times. While Marla gave her demo, everyone was silent as they watched her make colorful strokes onto the canvas. It only took her about an hour to create a masterpiece which was quickly bought by one of the participants. Marla went to art school in Pasadena, Calif., where she perfected her technique and created a name for herself in the impressionist art community. Many of the workshop participants follow Marla online and have been to her art exhibitions before. This group loves to stay at San Niccolò because of the amazing architecture and scenery the building has to offer. They are able to paint just outside the door of their apartment and create beautiful works of art.

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We cant believe a whole year has already passed since the filming of Kathy McCabe’s Dream of Italy Florence Episode! We were delighted to host Kathy and her team while they explored the city capturing Florence’s beauty and history. A special thank you to Kathy and her Dream of Italy team for all the unforgettable memories and for this heartwarming video on Palazzo San Niccolò! Use Kathy’s promo code DREAMOFITALY now and receive an exclusive 10% off 2 nights or more here at Palazzo San Niccolo.



We are fortunate to meet many wonderful interns here at Palazzo San Niccolò Apartments in Florence; one very capable and enthusiastic recent intern was Isabel and we were thrilled to receive this lovely post from her about her experience working in our residence.  She has graciously let us share her post below :


My Year Abroad and Internship at Palazzo San Niccolò

It’s been seven months since I last ate mexican food. Is that an appropriate beginning to a blog? Boh, I don’t know. When Annalisa and Federico asked me to write about my experience at Palazzo San Niccolò I panicked– how do I begin to explain my seven month bilingual internship that took place in the heart of Florence in a short blog? How do I explain why I am so enamoured with a palazzo tucked away in the heart of Florence? Thinking about the last supper I had with my family at my favorite mexican food restaurant led me to think about my decision to study abroad for a year, a decision which ultimately brought me through the gate of Palazzo San Niccolò.

Hi I’m Isabel and my journey to Palazzo San Niccolò began when I decided to attend Gonzaga University.

Three years ago I moved from sunny California to a much less-so sunny Spokane, Washington.  I wanted to study Italian so that I could study abroad in Italy, which had always been a dream of mine. With my goal insight I chose to pursue a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Italian

Gonzaga University put me in contact with Palazzo San Niccolò under the agreement I could Intern for academic credit. This internship has impacted my business skills and so much more. Not only did the internship strengthen my proficiency in Italian, but it also gave me a deeper appreciation for customer relations. Some of my tasks at Palazzo San Niccolò included assisting face-to-face guest check-ins, email communications, and collaborating with another intern to write the web content for “Your Place In Florence.” I also created and maintained an Excel database organizing guest information and an inventory workbook for each room. I  promoted and attended hotel events such as Merry and Bright, a Christmas fair, and Real Taste of Tuscany, a foodie sampling of Tuscan delicacies. These tasks and events that I partook in, along with many others, made my year abroad a truly enriching experience.

Thus far,  one of my favorite memories of being abroad is when I stayed at Palazzo San Niccolò as a guest with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and father over my spring break. When my family told me they were visiting I was afraid they would not be exposed to the true culture of Italy by staying in a traditional hotel, but Palazzo San Niccolò offered them a tranquil piece of culture that I am thankful they got to experience.

Palazzo San Niccolò is a charming oasis tucked away from the chaos of Florence. I fell in love with the simplistic charm of the hotel from the very beginning and only wish to see it’s continued success in the future. The opportunity to work at Palazzo San Niccolò taught me how the hospitality industry operates and, more importantly, how a firm succeeds. From assignments, guests interactions, and by observing how Annalisa, Elena, Isabelle, Federico, and Simone interact with guests, I learned how Customer Service truly defines the success of a company. I will hold this as a remarkable lesson as I go forth in the business world.

Grazie mille, an endless thank you, to all of the staff at Palazzo San Niccolo for making this experience possible and so impactful. Now the time has come for me to return home and go straight to my favorite mexican food that I have missed so much.